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About Moonlight|3D


Moonlight|3D strives to become a free modern, flexible, feature-rich and extensible modelling and animation tool. Our goal is to provide a tool that is capable of turning even the most advanced and challenging projects of artists and technical artists into reality.

We understand that this project is by its very nature a huge undertaking which takes large amounts of time and effort to get started. However, this does not scare us off. We have chosen to make clean design, good usability and solid implementation of features our highest priority goals and we have already successfully, albeit slowly pursued that road for several years.

In order to speed up the progress of our development efforts we open up the project to the general public and we hope to attract the support of many developers and users, bringing the project forward faster.

Current Status

Early technology previews have been released. There is another preview release coming up with mostly behind the scene improvements all over the program.

See MoonlightFeatureList for more detailed information on currently available features. MoonlightCompatibility has a list of operating systems where Moonlight|3D has been run on successfully. MoonlightFeatureWishlist lists features that we are will be looking into in the future.

Getting involved

If you have comments or questions of any kind about this project feel free to contact the developers.

The core developers of Moonlight|3D are usually hanging out in IRC in the channel #moonlight3d on

Downloads, User Documentation and Support

The user community website can be found at All released versions of Moonlight|3D are available there. Be sure to ask in the forums there if you run into any problems.

See also MoonlightUserDocumentation for information on using Moonlight|3D. The MoonlightFAQ may be of particular interest to you as it answers some very common fundamental questions for new users.

Developer Information

See MoonlightDeveloperInformation for technical information on Moonlight|3D.

This is an unsorted list of links to other sites that might be of interest to you:

Other stuff

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